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From Innovator to Industry Leader - Advanced Slimming and Obesity Management Studio at A+ Medi Art

By delivering lasting and measurable slimming results, we have carved a niche for ourselves in providing perfect body shape and contour to our clients. With the help of our scientifically-proven and painless methods considered the fastest way to slim, we can help you with instant loss of up to 3 inches.
Our expert health trainers provide individual consultations and work together with you to design a specific nutrition and diet plan designed in line with your bone structure, body size, and shape, ensuring quick achievement of your weight management goals. We adhere to world-class standards and implement the revolutionary Italian technology to offer different low-cost, swift, and effective weight reduction and maintenance programmes such as:

Shed Your Kilos Reducing fat deposits becomes easy with our four-phased 'Shed Your Kilos' programme.
Phase 1: Detoxification Eliminating the toxins deeply embedded in the accumulated fat layer is essential to steer the weight management plan in the right direction. Hence, we begin with comprehensive body detoxification through USFDA approved treatments. A detox diet follows the treatment, making you absolutely weight-loss ready.
Phase 2: Metabolic Boost Phase Hardcore functional training and consumption of high protein-enriched food to boost metabolism and accelerate fat-budging is the next phase.
Phase 3: Lymphatic Drainage and Fat loss Phase To activate lymphatic and circulatory channels which expedite the process of fat burning and ensures enhanced blood circulation, we offer the most revitalizing massages and wrap combination.
Phase 4: Sustenance Our team of nutritionists, physiotherapists, and trained aestheticians dedicate a week to help you build sustenance. They instruct you to limit your calorie intake to avoid fat build-up again.

Flaunt Your Curves Our 'Flaunt Your Curves' programme aims at delivering instant inch loss and body contouring, using the latest body-shaping scientific treatment - Tripollar and Exilis. A decision we've arrived at after meticulous clinical trials, because we believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best. That said and done, you'd be elated to know that these treatments get you the most enviable curves as they treat the deeply embedded localized fat.
Regen XL Tripollar - Get guaranteed instant loss of up to 3 cms Regen XL Tripollar is the 3rd generation technology for body shaping and contouring which delivers focused and optimal Radio Frequency on fat-prone body areas like abdomen, thighs, flanks, arms, face, neck, and buttocks. Suitable for all skin types, circumference reduction is visible after a single session of the treatment.
Exilis Elite - For a smoother and firmer body Exilis Elite is a sophisticated and non-invasive aesthetic system that delivers apt thermal energy for collagen formation, stimulating body contouring, and shrinking fat cells. It suits all skin types and sculpts a body by reducing cellulite thereby, improving the skin's laxity and texture.

Detoxification The new age lifestyle poses threat of accumulation of toxins in our body leading to imbalances of our system. Our detoxification treatment detoxifies the system and helps in easing the journey to slim and a desirable body for our clients.
Colon Hydrotherapy A safe and USFDA approved treatment, Colon Hydrotherapy is the process of cleansing of large intestine with nature's most potent cleanser, water. This treatment repairs digestion by enhancing body’s capacity to absorb micronutrients and helps in maintaining a healthy intestinal flora. The therapy addresses several digestive issues like constipation, bloating, acidity and undue food cravings.Also with better digestive process body,s metabolism gets a boost which helps in weight loss.
Slim Silhouette Wrap Another method to facilitate toxin and fat elimination is the Slim Silhouette Wrap which aims at improving lymphatic drainage by increasing the blood flow to different body parts. In this treatment, a blend of essential oils such as vetiver, black pepper, patchouli, ginger, basil & eucalyptus is applied on the stomach followed by a wrap of warm pack of natural fat burning Ayurveda ingredients.The process isinduces thermogenesis and promotes fatloss.
Since all our programmes are tailored as per different individuals' varied slimming goals, we've been able to help people transform their body with ease.

Are there any side effects of the programme? No certainly not, all our technologies are FDA approved. Infact along with weight loss you get effects like elevated energy levels, a younger look and improved medical parameters if any.
SWill I gain weight again at the end of the programme? Our weight loss technology implemented in its phased approach targets body fat, rather than just water retention. Therefore you will not re-gain the lost weight. Moreover, during the treatment itself, we educate you on adopting healthy eating and simple lifestyle habits to help you maintain your new look.
What is the time duration of the program? It is weight loss goal which decides the time duration of the program. One can lose 2.5 to 5 kg in a month, however there are no starvation diets or any compromised nutrition plan to achieve the same.
Are there any supplements given during the program? No, meal replacers or oral medications are given to achieve the results. We only give lifestyle recommendations to deliver results that are safer and healthier than any other weight management program.

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