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Art of Beauty

  • Art of Beauty
  • Skin / Face Care
  • Hair Styling & Hair care
  • Hand & foot Care
  • Nail care & nail Art
  • Pre- Bridal glow treatments
  • Exotic Make - ups

To relax is to rejuvenate. At A+ Medi Art, our intimate boutique salon has a comforting atmosphere where you can relax while being assured that you are in the hands of the best in the business. Get styled by professionals who are known to bring out the best style for every look and personality. We are known to deliver avant-garde wellness experiences, plus our salon treatments use the best of products for skin care and hair care. It is no wonder that our clients feel that we are a cut above the rest.

We have put together some of the most sought after therapies and also chosen our salon treatments carefully, keeping in mind the different types of hair and skin textures. We'll aid you to maintain your everlasting youth, grace and charm by offering a range of scientifically-proven services like:

We understand that beauty is an art, and we offer an array of services to make sure you're always putting forward your best possible face and body to create and maintain a positive image. For Skin Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi, you can trust us. And you can also depend on us for the Best Bridal Makeup in Delhi. We have a wedding Bridal makeup Artist in Delhi who will listen to your unique desires and make you match your goals. Whether you need Skin Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi in advance of a big event or simply makeup to enhance your natural beauty, depend on us.

Skin / Face Care From time to time, we try different methods and remedies that help cleanse the skin on our face and make it glow. A clean, sparkling face goes a long way in boosting one's confidence. At A+ Medi Art, we provide a wide range of therapies and USFDA approved technologies for whitening, moisturizing, cleaning, skin tightening, and anti-ageing. Furthermore, we also bring the latest skin analyzing technologies to keep your skin healthy.
As part of our skin care services, we make use of: Dermalogical Skin Treatment Facials Redefine and restore your skin's health with our Dermalogica skin treatment facials and skin care products. Formulated with purifying anti-aging plant extracts, these skin care products suit all skin types and address a wide range of issues like acne and breakouts, uneven skin tone, aging signs, sensitivity, redness, dryness, etc.

Hair Styling & Hair care Get access to leading hair stylists, internationals experts, latest hair styles, and world-famous hair care products that include:
Rene Furterer Hair Spa Whether you want to boost your hair volume, or go in for hair thickening, or resolve your hair fall problems, the Rene Futerer Hair Spa provides a holistic solution comprising essential oils and nourishing botanicals. Its active ingredients enhance the health of the scalp and of the hair. This treatment cures an oily scalp, hereditary and incidental hair loss, and dandruff along with many other common hair problems.
How it works: We begin with scalp and hair analysis to decide the best products and treatments for your concern. This is followed by a scalp massage and application of follicle-stimulating products to restore scalp health. Our hair therapist will then wash your hair and treat the strands with intense conditioning masque to restore and revive the moisture. Lastly, the scalp and strands are massaged with a root-strengthening serum to give you a shinier and smoother wearable look that lasts even after months of appointment.
Keratin Nourish dry, damaged, coloured, chemical-treated, and unmanageable hair with Keratin. We ensure shinier, thicker, and healthier hair that you've always longed for, that too within just a few sessions.

Hand & foot Care Why must we give secondary treatment to our hands and feet? They too deserve their share of attention. At A+ Medi Art, we believe that beauty without great hands & feet is incomplete. Hence, we employ aromatic Ayurvedic massage oils and other world-class pampering solutions that nourish, refresh, and energize your hands and feet.

Nail Care & Nail Art They say beauty lies in the details. Be it cuticle repair or nail care, we'll let you pamper your fingernails with our range of products from international brands. Do try the Spa Ritual - a renowned vegan product to treat your hands and feet with sheer luxury.

Pre- Bridal glow treatments You can't but not win hearts when you dress up for your wedding day. After all, it's that one day when everyone's attention is focussed on you. Let us aid you in being the cynosure of all eyes on your special day with our pre-bridal glow treatments. To learn about our different top-to-toe treatment packages.

Exotic Make - ups Different seasons, different looks. Now wouldn't that be fun? Textures, colours, patterns, our stylists know it all and they are here to give you any look that you desire. Be it a sassy summery look, or a poised look for the winter, they'll ensure you get what you ask, using superior quality products for your look.

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